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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  February 6, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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back in class and showing support for their school. students at a high school where two people are shot this week say this incident does not define their entire student body. under arrest. what police are saying about a d.c. elementary school teacher accused of sexually abusing a child. and temperatures started out this morning in the teens. we're now in the mid-20s in most places. but that's just the beginning of our warm-up. we're going to tell you when we're going to hit the 50s. good morning, everyone. you're watching news 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. right now students at frederick high school are back in class for first time since wednesday night's shooting outside the school's gilles.ym. two teens were injured.
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police are still looking to find suspects and a motive. good morning. >> reporter: well barbara, police still have not made any arrests. they're trying to identify who's involved and who fired shots. investigators also say they don't think this is a random shooting. they believe the people involved all knew each other. they also believe there are still some witnesses out there who have not talked to police and they want those people to come forward. all of this new information coming out as students of frederick high school after a day off returned to class this morning. students returned to class for the first time since the shooting. many of them wearing frederick high's school colors gold and black. >> to support the school. it had nothing to do with frederick high i don't thing, but it happened on our territory. so just have to support. >> reporter: in the wake of the violence students have taken to social media urging unity and
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strength and calling for a large turnout at tonight's varsity basketball game. >> it t defe us. so i'm just happy to be back and be together as a family with the rest of the school. >> the incident that occurred the other night, it's sad but doesn't define us as a school. we'll come back stronger than ever. go frederick high! >> reporter: it was wednesday night during a jv game against thomas johnson high that shots rang out just outside the gym. two students were hit. and according to the last hospital update one teen is now listed in critical condition. the victims are not from frederick high. police have not identified the person or people who fired the shots. no arrests have been made which makes some uneasy. others say they feel safe. >> i'm a little nervous, to be back. i kind of don't want to be here. >> reporter: why? >> because of all this stuff that's going on. just a little nervous about it. >> it isn't like scary in a way,
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but i'm not nervous. i know that it wasn't like a frederick high anybody so i feel safe. >> reporter: and both the girls and the boys basketball teams have games tonight. a school spokesperson says that there will be extra security onhand. reporting live from frederick high school megan mcgrath news 4. wsoc is working to repair a broken water main in capital heights. you can see the water gushing in the 800 block of cedar heights drive. some customers in the neighborhood are experiencing low to no water pressure. it was the coldest morning, at least it has been in the week so far. the good news though the weekend looks a whole lot better. storm team 4 meteorologist joins us with her first forecast for this midday friday. >> good morning. it's still cold outside. overall today it will be chilly.
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the winds today really not an issue. i'm tracking plenty of cloudiness across the area and for the most part the clouds do win out today. this is skycast 4. this is actually forecasting what the sky will look like throughout the day today. we head into the afternoon and evening hours. it does remain dry not just today but right on through the weekend. for the rest of today, we're at 27 degrees right now. our temperatures should jump up rather quickly as we get into the afternoon hours. by 2:00 p.m. around 40. 4:00 p.m. that's when we'll hit our high of 43. still a little bit below average for this time of year. 6:00 cold we drop down to 37 barbara. temperatures will continue to warm through the weekend. i'll have my updated weekend forecast at 11:30. today defense lawyers for jesse matthews will ask that his trial in fairfax county be delayed. he's accused in the 2005 sexual assault and charged with
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abducting hannah graham. the trial is set march but lawyers say they need more time to prepare. during this hearing they'll ask that the trial be pushed until summer. another sexual assault is being investigated at uva. police say the incident happened last weekend and was reported yesterday. police say the alleged attack happened inside a dorm on campus but didn't release any more information. this comes as state lawmakers are considering legislation to mandate the reporting of campus sex assaults. late last year "rolling stone" magazine published an article about a sex assault at a uva fraternity that was later retracted. a d.c. elementary school teacher has been arrested for abusing a child. leroy ware teaches in northeast. he was arrested last night near the school. we're working to find out if the child in this case is a student at that school. in about an hour -- about an hour ago dignitaries took part
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in a wreath laying ceremony at reagan national airport. it took place at the statue at the entrance to the airport. today would have been reagan's 104th birthday. he died in 2004 at the age of 93 making him the longest living u.s. president. you should once again see scratchoff lottery tickets in d.c. the d.c. lottery is looking to re-introduce the lottery tickets. a contract dispute is costing the district millions in revenue. you show start seeing the $10 tickets first. it could be weeks or months though before all the scratchoff tickets are back in stock. and right now a day care center in chicago is trying to avoid more cases of the measles. five children have the virus. why so many were not vaccinated. plus a new jobs report out today. more people are working and some of us got a raise. i was one of them. but many people consider virginia behind on laws protecting breastfeeding moms.
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what's being done to change all .
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a developing story right now. health officials in new jersey are looking into the first suspected case of measles in that state. it involves a in jersey city who has not yet been vaccinated. health officials in suburban chicago have not yet identified the source of a measles infection at a day care center.
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five infants were diagnosed with measles there. ten more kids were exposed. there have been more than 100 other measles cases reported this year including one in d.c. most of the cases are related to an outbreak at disneyland. this afternoon lawyers for the nfl players association will be in court in an attempt to get suspended vikings running back adrian peterson back on the field. he was suspended under the league's personal conduct policy for child abuse back in november peterson pled no contest to an assault charge of disciplining his 4-year-old son with a switch. about an hour ago, funeral services began for the driver of an suv ho waswho was hit by a commuter train. services for ellen brody are being held in westchester county. they've talked to witnesses who said that brody had driven on to the tracks when her car was hit by a crossing gate that came down on it then by the train. it sparked a major fire and killed five other people on the
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train. this morning ntsb investigators say a nearby car accident diverted track on to the road that crosses those train tracks and traffic may have been moving over the tracks when the gate went down on brody's car. on the train's black boxes it showed that all systems appear to be working normally on the train and the train was traveling below its 60-mile-per-hour speed limit. they talked to the train engineer steven smalls. he did hit the emergency break but it takes about 30 secs to stop the train once that happens. tracking down the people responsible for the hacking into anthem's computer systems. why investigators thing the attack started in china. plus it's no surprise scientists found bacteria on the subway system in new york city but the dangerous level of that bacteria may surprise you. and barbara, sunday will be the warmer of the two weekend days. i'll let you know just how warm it will ge
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right now investigators say chinese hackers may be responsible for the latest data breach at anthem insurance. more than 3 million virginians are being told to take major steps to protect their identities social security numbers, addresses, information was stolen. more than 80 million people
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nationwide may be impacted. agents suggest signing up for fraud and credit monitoring and filing your taxes early. for more next steps search anthem on our nbcwashington website. the job market is getting stronger. the unemployment rate ticked up to 5.7% in january, up from 5.6%. but some economics are -- economists that is are saying this is the best job report that we've seen in a long time. here's why. more americans are looking for jobs indicating more and more people are hopeful that they'll land a job. wages are up too, making the biggest gains in six years. also the number of full-time workers is at the highest level since 2008. today president obama is taking his proposal to make two years of college free for everyone on the road. he's going out there to sell it. the president will speak at a town hall or at ivy tech community college that's in indianapolis. here to touch on his ideas for
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free tuition apprenticeship programs and funding early childhood education as well. the u.s. is being pushed into two new conflicts this morning under pressure from its allies. the obama administration is considering sending arms to ukraine and stepping up its game against isis. tracy potts joins us from capitol hill with what the obama administration is planning on doing. >> barbara, jordan is ready for this fight against isis but they can't do it alone, so the white house is trying to expand the campaign. we understand that they're working on finalizing the language for an authorization for military force to expand that campaign against isis. that's due here on capitol hill some time next week aides say. it won't be that easy to get passed. there are lawmakers who are concerned how long is it going to last how many of our people might be involved and there are other lawmakers who are still pushing for the president to acknowledge that we're probably going to need boots on the ground at some point. that's not involved in what
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they're likely to vote on and take a look at next week. the other issue here ukraine. the ukrainian army is losing against the russian-backed separatists in the southern part of that country and they're asking the united states to arm them. they want weapons. secretary of state john kerry says the president is considering that request. barbara? >> thank you, tracy. this afternoon national security adviser susan rice will deliver remarks on the obama administration's national security strategy. and for more on that we're joined by mark murray political editor. >> good morning, barbara. >> will rice mention the situation in the ukraine that we just talked about? >> oh absolutely. the one big thing the administration is unveiling their national security strategy, there are a lot of critics and even supporters are asking what kind of strategy. everything seems to be very on a crisis to crisis basis. everything seems very reactive. >> that's what we hear from the
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republicans that the president does not have a far reaching foreign policy. are we going to hear that today? >> people will want to see meat on the bones for that. president obama first term foreign policy was one of his biggest strengths. his approval rating was higher on foreign policy than it was in the economy. that's flipped where the economic approval numbers are much better than the foreign policy ones. that has to do with so much instability in the world. you you can have the grandest strategy that you want and when there's a situation that goes on in the middle east which no one is able to solve for dozens of years or whether there is kind of a situation like in eastern ukraine, sometimes these things are out of our control and it is actually to do the crisis management. but people kind of want to see what do you do beyond just react to things. what does america do and what are its bigger goals and strategy? >> you mentioned the good jobs numbers that we heard today. that's obviously good for the
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president. are they going to be touting that do you think? >> when he's in indianapolis i won't be surprised if that's the first thing he mentioned. interesting how the second term has been versus the first. very good economic news for the president right now. a lot of instability in the world overseas. first term poor economic news and the death of osama bin laden and a lot more where president obama was getting credit for foreign policy. >> what does this mean for the democratic possibilities for 2016? >> barbara, my little adam when it comes to presidential contests is the economy is always the biggest issue. the higher president obama's job approval numbers, the better the economy looks, that's good news for hillary clinton. of course we have a long ways to go, but if the economy keeps on its current pace you'll have the next year year and a half. >> economists are saying does it look like we've got a couple more months years -- >> the economists have often been wrong. with gas prices that's been a little stimulus and that will help the economy going forward. >> thank you, mark.
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have a great weekend. >> you too. take care. >> for more from mark and the rest of the nbc news political team check out first read on the pope talks about spanking. does he approve of parents using physical punishment? the new school budget. not everyone is happy about it but it does include changes to when your children will be going to
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today virginia's house op delegates will vote on a bill that eases breast feeding restriks in certain areas. they approved the measure earlier this week. if passed the bill would allow women to nurse children in any place that they are legally allowed to be. virginia is one of three states that heavily restricts where women may breastfeed. right now it is only allowed on property that is owned, leased or controlled by the commonwealth. >> it will cost almost $5 million for your kids in fairfax county to sleep in a little later next year. the school board's adopted its new budget last night. the budget includes full day mondays at elementary schools and later start at high schools. teacher pay increases are also included. the chairman of the school board called the plan a short-term fix saying this manner of budgeting is not sustainable and eventually will affect the quality of education for our students. the budget still needs to be approved by the county. alexandria school board
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adopted a capital improvement plan of more than $300 million. tackling enrollment growth and to do that the school system wants to make upgrades or demolish the school and build a new one. the out of date buildings were creating a strain on their budget budget. pope francis is weighing in on spanking children. the pontiff said that spanking is generally okay as long as it preserves the dignity of the child and as long as the child is not slapped in the face. the pope made the comments yesterday while speaking at st. peter's square. about a year ago, the u.n. asked the vatican to amend this law to ensure that they outlawed corporal punishment. today the family of man killed by police in our area is demanding some answers. what they're asking a judge to do today. it's cold out there right now. if you haven't been outside,
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you'll know what i'm talking about if you do head out. conditions will improve for the weekend, we hear. amelia is back. how big of a warm-up it will be this weekend. and why so many people wearing red today? it could make a difference in
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right now it's national wear red day. everyone is encouraged to wear red the first friday each february to promote awareness of women's heart health. heart disease is the number one
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killer of women, deadlier than all cancers combined. you can reduce your risk by getting your blood pressure under control, diet and exercise can help you do that. as you can see, we are both wearing red today. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal takes this pretty seriously because when she was in the 4x4 this morning she didn't have her red dress showing but she wore a red hat and red scarf to cover it up. thank you for do that. important for all women. >> when it's more impactful than all cancers combined. >> talk about the warm-up. you've got good news for us. >> a frigid start this morning. we were using the # frigid fridays to describe the weather for today. tomorrow a high around 50 sunday a high near 60. soak up the warmth because the climate prediction center just issued their outlook until about the end of february over the next two weeks, and a pretty good likelihood that
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temperatures in our area are going to be running below average. average right now is in the mid to upper 40s. you can find all that information on my facebook and twitter pages. regardless it's a nice weekend. showers are possible on monday. then after that a quiet stretch of weather looking right on into the following weekend, valentine's day weekend. looking dry right now. temperatures in the 20s and 30s, 27 in washington 30 in liesberg. we'll continue to warm up nicely with that mix of clouds and sunshine and a high today of 43. but as the skies clear out, temperatures do drop quickly. so if you're dining out tonight, not tomorrow night but tonight temperatures in the 20s and 30s. nice warm jacket but it will dry. we can also catch tonight the iss flyover. starting at 6:21 look toward the west. if you are in washington looking towards cities like dale city and. it will finish at 6:26 with a
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maximum height of about 66 degrees. so this is 45 this is 66 in the east-east. then east-northeast. so you towards annapolis and baltimore. it is warmer today, almost ten degrees warmer. a high around 50. partly to mostly sunny skies tomorrow. on sunday a little bit cloud cover but still nice. high temperature of 57 degrees. our average high is about 45. so nice weekend. then on monday temperatures will drop a little bit but we're still in the 50s. a high temperature monday of 51 degrees. talking about our rain chances. right now looking like a dry start but the clouds already in place. plenty of clouds around on monday. i think there's a good chance that we're dealing with showers on monday. so you do want to keep that umbrella handy. you want to see future weather as early as 9:00 a.m. then tracking the showers throughout the day especially the morning and midday hours.
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there's a slight chance that as this rain pulls away from the area we could see a little bit of snow or sleet mixing in but we're really not looking at any accumulation. you can see temperatures on monday really just not supporting that colder wintry type weather. veronica will be in at 4:00 p.m. updating the forecast. of course next tuesday is blustery cooler a high of 43 but plenty of sunshine wednesday and thursday partly sunny skies and a high temperature of about 42 to 44 degrees. >> thanks amelia. today the family of a man shot by police in fairfax county heads to court. the family wants police to hand over all the internal affairs records connected to the officer who shot john geer. he was standing in his front door unarmed with his hands in sight when the officer fired one shot and killed him. the fairfax county police chief says handing over the documents would corrupt the federal investigation that's under way. today marks one year since
11:32 am
alexandria resident ruth ann lodato was killed at her home. police have charged charles severance with her murder and the murders of two alexandria. he's currently receiving a mental evaluation to see if he's competent to stand trial. a woman is on life support after being tased by a detention officer. the 37-year-old woman was scheduled to be transferred to alexandria where she was facing assault charges against law enforct in alexandria city. but she resisted the deputies' instructions. they then used a taser gun to control her. she was taken to the hospital after suffering a significant medical emergency. you may want to avoid i-66 if you're traveling late tonight into tomorrow. melissa molet tells us what the look out for. >> if you travel i-66 major roadwork overnight.
11:33 am
this work was supposed to happen last night but high winds delayed the project. around midnight tonight crews will shut down all eastbound lanes of 66 between route 2 in centreville. the closure shouldn't last more than 30 minutes at a time. the road should reopen by 5:00 a.m. saturday. they want to raise fares on your daily train ride but they're giving you a chance to weigh in on it first. they want to raise fares by 40 cents fop stepup tickets could go from $3 to $5. the first hearing is set for february 18th at the stafford county government center. d.c. emergency workers say there are still some major concerns about radio communication after metro's underground emergency. >> you asked me should you be concerned in going down in the tunnel and using a radio. i'm going to tell you this
11:34 am
you'd do better using your cell phone. >> that's kenneth lyons, the head of the union that represents d.c. fire and ems workers. he told council members radios are still not working well in metro tunnels. the hearing focused on the issues relating to the smoke incident under l'enfant plaza that left one woman dead and 80 others hurt. they're taking steps to ensure that your daughter has the same opportunities to succeed in sports as any male student. plus the science behind near-death experiences and one local woman's amazing story.
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you want i fix this mess? a mess? i don't think -- what's that? snapshot from progressive. plug it in and you can save on car insurance based on your good driving. you sell to me? no, it's free. you want to try? i try this if you try... not this. okay. da!
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you're watching news 4 midday. nationals player jayson werth will begin his final weekend in jail today. werth will report to the jail later today to serve his final three days of a five-day sentence. he was convicted of reckless driving after being stopped going 105 miles per hour on the beltway. he's being allowed to serve jail time on the weekends so he can rehab from shoulder surgery during the week. if you have a student at the university of maryland brace yourself. a 5% hike in tuition may become a reality next year. larry hogan says the hikes will be needed to make ends meet. he says unless there's more federal help there will be no other choice. the university currently has a $47 million budget hole. a hiring freeze will continue there and it seems layoffs may
11:38 am
be likely too. key initiatives could also be scaled back. ever wonder what when we die? researchers are trying to find some answers to that question. door even gentzler introduce us to people who had near-death experi >> feeling it was surreal. it was like -- obviously, but it was not humanly relatable. i don't even know how to tell you how -- it was exponentially comfortable. >> 48-year-old kristin dedominico says she remembers the experience vividly. sitting in a room with red walls on a fluffy white cushion and a visit from her father who passed away years ago. >> he said, i love you and i'm worried about you. >> reporter: last october kristin was running a race here in lake fairfax park in reston
11:39 am
when she suddenly collapsed on the trail out there in the woods. doctors say she went into sudden cardiac arrest and died here that day. >> i ventured a little bit off the trail and dropped. >> reporter: kristin believes that when her heart stopped beating she had a near-death experience, a phenomena that some researchers say has happened to thousands around the world. diane corcoran is a retired colonel in the u.s. army and president of the international association for near-death studies. >> we're all going to die, and wouldn't it be nice to know what happens on the other side? >> reporter: corcoran says near-death experiences or ndes typically occur during times of crisis including near-drownings, surgery or severe illness, but no matter the circumstances, some of the same elements are usually present. things like having a sense of being lifted out of your body, feeling at peace and seeing deceased relatives. >> we know that all people h
11:40 am
about half and half, all religions, even those religions that don't believe in an after life. >> reporter: corcoran works with researchers like robert mays who collect people's near-death experiences to analyze them. he believes that ndes occur when a person's consciousness or awareness separates from their physical body. >> the experience is so intense, so hyperreal that we speculate that that is because when you're in your body, the physical body and the brain kind of damp down your consciousness. and when you're suddenly free of your physical body, then there is this freedom and hyper-real perceptions, clarity of thought. >> the freedom that came from really letting go was amazing, was indescribable. now, it's really hard being back in life. >> reporter: how has this whole experience affected or changed your life?
11:41 am
>> a sense of awareness that i want to do the right thing here. i don't want to -- because i saw where i might be able to go, and i don't know. >> reporter: you don't want to mess it up. >> i don't want to mess that up. >> reporter: researchers also tell us that people who have near-death experiences often have after-effects. they may become more altruistic, their priorities can change dramatically. there can also be physiological effect too, like allergies and sensitivity to light and n. we're following a developing story at the live desk for us now. let's go to you. what's happening? >> barbara heads up for folks in silver spring. we just got these pictures into the newsroom. we want to show you a real mess. water all in the road in the 400 block of deerling drive. there you can see. take a look. a car hit a hydrant there. so you want to avoid that area. the 400 block of deerling drive.
11:42 am
>> thanks. we have an update on a man we introduced you to earlier this week. for years he's been walking 21 miles to get to work. a look at how his story is going nationwide and how it's changed his life. plus a story that will make you change your habits next time you use public transit. the shocking things they found. but if youon this season you have june vivien, charlotte rampling. i don't want to be a trend, i want it to be the standard. same with weight and size. >> and more from style may have beenen stacy lunden.
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you're watching news 4 midday. >> this next story will make you wonder what you can find on metro. researchers from cornell say they found all sorts of germs on the new york city subway system. for 18 months researchers rubbed down turnstiles key ochks and railings. and they found billions of germs that can cause thing like plague mennen joits and other antibiotic resistant infections. most don't pose a serious health risk. researchers are hoping to use the date to to track disease outbreaks like ebola and measles. when you ought to clean pretty much everything that you use every day. the daily mail asked a
11:46 am
microbiologist. apparently you should be cleaning your phone every day. that's not too surprising. how about your bed sheets? wash them once a week we're told. scientists say our sheets are a hot bed of bacteria because of the skin cells and sweat we shed every night. another thing to clean, your jeans. we should wash them every five wears. some claim frequent washing will damage the color and fineness of their jeans. designers say you should always turn your jeans inside out and use the cold setting when you're washing them. you won't be able to enjoy the reflecting pool this week at the national mall as it will be empty. the park service started to drain it yesterday for annual cleaning and maintenance. the work will take between 30 and 60 days we understand. after years of walking 21 miles to work the detroit man, this one you see here is getting a car. a fully-loaded red shiny ford taurus. it's thanks in part to a
11:47 am
19-year-old student who started a go fund me campaign for this man, robertson. the campaign raised more than $300,000. but he can keep his cash for now as the car is free. it's been donated by a local car dealer who heard about this he has made the 1-mile journey on foot since 1998. he says that's car took its last breath. so we're so happy for him. that was a great story and went viral. a lot of folks reached out and helped out. the safety and effectiveness and even the longevity of liposuction has been questioned through the years, but advanced liposuction techniques are helping that. a brand new international study. you say that there's some new ways to look at this. you looked at hips flanks thighs chest, everything under here all kind of things. what does the new study say? >> new study, big study. 4,000 patients combined
11:48 am
interdisciplinary study, one in china, one in italy. it shows effective long-term results with newer techniques in liposuction. newer techniques of anesthesia with liposuction, too. also the complication rate was significantly low. >> first let's talk about what it does. it used to be just for removing fat. you use a cadule to go under the skin and draw the fat out. >> the newer technique, yes, we remove fat but we're able to do skin tightening with superficial and a small cannula under the skin or by adding laser technology which adds thermal energy to tighten the skin. >> we've always heard that the place you used to do it and i guess you still do is in the hips the thighs. how heavy will you take a patient? i mean will you take somebody that's extremely obese?
11:49 am
>> well that's a good -- that's a higher risk. this is not a treatment for obesity. the ideal candidates are pretty close to their ideal weight just have localized areas of fat that don't respond to diet and exercise. that's not a lot of people about a lot of people who are overweight 20 30 pounds do effectively improve with liposuction. >> worry talking about things like the extra spare tire around the waist. >> for men it's the abdomen, the love handle area for women it's thighs abdomen, arms. >> and what about the arms? how do you do that? >> the arms do really bell especially with the advanced technique. here we see an example. a lady before. this is an inherited condition. this is still before. maybe the next one will show the after. there you see -- the befores on the right, the after's on the left. this is a wonderful procedure can be done under local anesthesia. >> don't end up with a lot of hanging skin if you have
11:50 am
done. you showed us a pick tufr a lady who had her double chin removed with the liposuction. >> many times we can improve double chin especially people with a lot of fat without face lift surgery by using laser lipo or vaser lipo. >> it didn't include any plastic surgery, just the liposuction. >> we kind of consider that plastic surgeon. but there's no incisional skin removal traditional face-lift, this is again more of the advanced cosmetic surgery. smaller techniques faster recovery. >> you need to go ask a doctor how all of these things can work for you. but remind people there are danger to all these things. we heard about a beauty queen in ecuador who died. >> a tragic case. she was young. again sounded like an anesthetic situation, but i don't know the details. again, this is surgery. so be sure you're choosing someone who is board certified
11:51 am
who can show you lots of before and after pictures that shows that they do a lot of this procedure and that your surgery's being done in a certified facility with a hospital backup. and don't go to ecuador to have liposuction. don't risk your life to save money. that's medical tourism. it looks attractive to a lot of people but it's dangerous. >> we do hear a lot about medical tourism these days. thank you very much. 11:51 is the time. coming up, if you have a daughter involved in sports she's more likely now to reach the milestone she wants to reach. we'll tell you why. and the warm-up w
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we're watching three important court hearings today on news had. defense lawyers for jesse matthew will ask that his trial in fairfax county be delayed. he was accused in 2005 sexual assault. he's also charged with abducting university of virginia student hannah graham. lawyers say they need more time to prepare. the family of a man shot by police in fairfax county head back to court today. the family wants police to hand over all the internal affairs records connected to that officer. john geer was standing inside his front door unarmed and with his hands in sight when an officer fired one shot and killed him.
11:55 am
they say handing over those documents would corrupt a federal investigation. in just a few hours, lawyers for the nfl will be in court in an attempt to get suspended vikings running back adrian peterson back on the field. he was suspended under the league's personal conduct policy for child abuse. back in november peterson pled no contest to assault for disciplining his 4-year-old son with a switch. well it's still generating conversation across the country. now the message behind one popular super bowl ad is resonating here in d.c. we see why one council member wants more student athletes to play like a girl. >> show me what it looks like to run like a girl. >> sure it was an ad designed to sell a brand, but drawing attention to girls and athletic ability made this much more than a commercial for d.c. council member kenyon mcduffy. >> we still find ourself with one of the lowest girl sports
11:56 am
participation rates in the country. >> reporter: here at the community center near 14th and clifton in northwest d.c. ninth grader redeema is already being recognized by her peers as being a good athlete. >> they encourage me to do better. >> reporter: it's more than just scoring goals. they are less likely to get involved with drugs, 80% less likely to get pregnant and three times more likely to graduate according to the women's sports foundation. >> it makes me feel free. >> reporter: that's why mcduffy the father of two young girls, is trying to pass a bill that he believes would encourage young women to be more involved in sports and for schools to do a better job of tracking that growth. >> it's going to hold the schools accountable by requiring them to collect data. >> reporter: but he also admits as does the commercial some of this is cultural. >> i want to say emphatically that doing something like a girl should never be considered an insult. we should celebrate our women, our young girls.
11:57 am
>> reporter: more than a commercial more than a game. the intangible benefits of sports for young women in northwest d.c. zachary news 4. >> we run like girls and we like it. you're actually a coach. coaching girls on the run. >> i've been doing it now for almost two years. it's a great program. it teaches girls positive lifestyle through running. >> that's fantastic. >> that will begin at the end of february when temperatures are warming. >> well a great thing to do. i was out there this morning. 15-degree weather. >> but good for you. >> talk about the weather. what's happening? >> from teens this morning to a high of 43 this afternoon looking to the weekend. not bad at all. partly sunny tomorrow. a high around 50. so warmer. sunday temperatures continue to warm a high near 60 a high of 57 on sunday. partly sunny skies. some showers are in the forecast on monday. we could see that ending with snow or sleet. >> running good for the heart. >> absolutely. >> thanks so much.
11:58 am
that's news 4 midday for today. we thank you for being with us and invite you to tune in at 4:00 5:00 6:00 and 11:00, then pack on monday morning midday. plan to join us. have a terrific weekend, great day. enjoy the weather change. we'll se.
11:59 am
>> kayla: we've transfused everything we've got. >> pulse is dropping. >> daniel: we need that blood now!
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[beeping] [rapid beeping] we're losing him! come on, sonny, come on. hang in there. >> ben: you can do it. >> abigail: n-- >> ben: you can do it. >> abigail: [squeals] >> ben: mm-hmm. >> abigail: oh, my god. [both laughing] >> chad: hey, kids. glad i ran into you. >> abigail: chad, we were just having-- >> chad: ben, found you a lawyer. he's the best. he has a phenomenal acquittal record. even with my family, that is no small feat. >> ben: chad, you're unbelievable. >> chad: thank you. >> ben: [chuckles] first, you get me arrested for assault because my sister's all done with you. now, you're so desperate to get back with her i'm your new best friend? do you honestly


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